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Build a Team by Teaching the Unteachable

Maguffin  -  Jan 07, 2012  -  ,  -  No Comments
“My responsibility is to teach the organization something they’re not willing to learn. If I get fired because of it or if I don’t fit, I should not have been there any way. We live in a new paradigm…with a new opportunity.” – Jim Farley Thank you Jim for saying it, because sometimes that’s a good reminder when you walk into a new organization only to find yourself faced with the one dissenter in the group determined to hold the company by the gonads. Eventually, if either the dissenter or the organization cannot uncouple, you may have to continue your journey right through the building and onto the next project. But therein lies the challenge: To Teach the Unteachable. When you work with clients, set goals, objectives and metrics. There is little purpose to working in a process that doesn’t bear fruit. To this end, do everything within reason to build a team of motivated players. When there are dissenters in an organization holding onto their power like an embittered married couple, you can try the marriage counselor, the divorce counselor or finally just let them duke it out the old fashioned way and reenter the scene when the loser finally hits the floor. Being in the fight is just adding to the time wasting money pit, and you become a part of resulting drops in moral and motivation. Creating teams and empowering people is what gives a good product an incredible voice that raises above the din in a crowded marketplace.  This is what exceptional management and consultants strive for. Allowing people on the team to have ownership of a process and validate their expertise has created some of the best products on the market. Some of the most stifled have ended up as the least innovative. It's always a balance between, budgets, motivation and human psychology. Manage fear, temper greed and foster the spirit. A new motto for 2012.