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Zoe Sexton has recently joined the Putney Financial Group, a Registered Investment Advisor in San Rafael, CA. Zoe has over 15 years in the various areas of financial services and originally created Maguffin five years ago to help other financial advisors expand their businesses through mentoring and coaching. In that period, Zoe realized that her true passion is really being able to act as an advisor to individual clients and their families directly.

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About Putney Financial

For more than a quarter of a century, the principals at Putney Financial Group has been helping individuals, families and institutions realize their financial dreams. Putney provides its clients with access to its knowledge of asset allocation, portfolio  modeling and risk management. We skillfully integrate all three phases of capital development: creation, conservation and distribution. This unique process has enabled Putney to build many long-term relationships with clients of diverse assets, goals and interests. Tax planning, trusts, estate, and philanthropic planning are part of our investment management services. Many of our clients are appreciative of history, art and culture which we integrate into our family legacy planning strategies.


Putney Financial Group uses Portsmouth Financial as its Broker Dealer. Portsmouth Financial is registered in 36 states. No offers will be made or accepted from any resident outside the states where we are licensed and registered. Individual and firm licenses for specific states may be subject to change; check with the firm or broker for updated information. Portsmouth Financial uses Pershing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of New York, as it’s custodian.

Zoe Sexton was also Managing Director of Igor, Naming Companies in 2011 & 2012.

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